Simple Battery

Simple Battery

When you are accused of punching someone during a heated argument, then the crime you are pinned on is a classic example of a simple battery. A simple battery is the unlawful act of intentional infliction of force towards the body of another person. It is the non-consensual and offensive touching of another individual. A simple battery is defined as the less aggravated form of battery crimes as it does not induce severe and critical physical harm or injuries.

The categorization of the nature of the crime and the severity and its corresponding punishment will rely on local jurisdictions' judgment. In short, the process of persecution will depend on the laws of each state. These individual jurisdictions will decide on what direction will the case of a simple battery will go. For instance, their statutes will determine whether the simple battery is under misdemeanor or felony crimes. If it gets charged as a misdemeanor, the convict will most likely receive minor criminal fines or a maximum of one-year prison time.

Some defenses can free you from a simple battery charge, and getting an absolute legal representation is your means to obtain and use it. You have to get access to the best defensive Atlanta lawyers.

Acquiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you face criminal charges like a simple battery, then the first thing you should do is get an attorney. It is essential that you immediately seek contact for an experienced criminal attorney that will guide and help you fully exercise your rights and come up with a solid defense to minimize your punishment or completely get you out of the case.

To win the case, you need to get hold of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the legal scene. You will need someone with a formidable reputation, an intensive knowledge of laws, and criminal defense. It would be best if you had the experts in defensive strategies and can find the case's loopholes and weaknesses and the utmost dedication to serving their clients. You can find all of these superlative qualities through Atlanta law firm's best criminal defense lawyers.

Why you should Battle Criminal Conviction

In Georgia and any other place or state, a criminal record can put you in an array of disadvantages. For instance, it may deprive you of job opportunities, access to scholarships, and other academic support, and may prevent you from processing your visa and other documents. So if you ever get yourself involved in a criminal offense, such as a simple battery, you should obtain legal advice and representation from a prime law firm. Criminal Defense Matters offers premier criminal defense and even provides free consultations with our unexcelled criminal defense Atlanta lawyers. Our lawyers are committed to fighting for you and will exhaust all legal options to give you favorable results.

If you are in dire need of excellent and well-versed criminal defense lawyers, call Criminal Defense Matters at (404) 567-5515 to schedule a free consultation or visit our website.

Simple Battery
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