Assisting You with Assault & Battery Charges

Being brought up on an assault charge can result from something as simple as using words and physical gestures up to actions that are part of a violent act which results in causing bodily injury to another. When you are in need of an assault defense or a battery defense, the team at Brennan Defense will be there to assist you.

The skilled aggravated battery defense and assault defense lawyer at our criminal defense law firm is ready to help educate you about all of the nuances of the charges that have been brought up against you so that you can begin planning a strong defense against the prosecution.

What Is the Difference Between Assault & Battery?

Assault can be a verbal or physical attempt to cause harm, which in and of itself can be a crime. Battery, on the other hand, is when the assault actually causes physical harm. Sometimes an assault is referred to as attempted battery and battery is referred to as a completed assault. It is important to remember that while battery implies that an assault took place as well, an assault can and often does fall short of battery.

All of this information and how it applies to your specific situation will be discussed with you when you choose to work with our assault defense lawyer. J.P. Brennan has experience with these types of cases and can help guide you towards the best possible legal outcomes whether you have been charged with assault or battery.

What are the Specific Components of Battery?

There are three elements that must be satisfied for a battery conviction. The first is that the alleged perpetrator must have acted willfully. The second is that physical force, including violence, was used. Finally, willful force must have been directed at the victim.

A battery can become an aggravated battery, which is considered a felony, when the battery results in a serious injury. Simple battery only occurs when there is no resulting injury. That means that a simple battery is usually prosecuted as just a misdemeanor. Assault with a deadly weapon, with or without a bodily injury involved, elevates the crime even further.

No matter what the details are regarding your particular assault or battery charges, you need to have experienced legal representation. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have major consequences on your life. Our assault attorney is ready to listen to your story and start building a defense that helps you reduce or eliminate any potential punishments the prosecution might have in mind for you.


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