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Criminal Defense Attorney Sacramento

Types of Criminal Charges

At Brennan Defense Attorney in Sacramento, we provide expert legal defense for a wide range of criminal charges. Our extensive experience allows us to navigate the complexities of various allegations, ensuring our clients receive the best possible defense.


Felonies are serious crimes that can result in significant penalties, including extensive prison time. Our firm is equipped to handle felony charges with the diligence and expertise required to protect your rights and future.


Misdemeanors, while less severe than felonies, can still have lasting repercussions on your personal and professional life. We offer comprehensive defense strategies to mitigate these charges and their impacts.


Driving under the influence or while intoxicated charges require a nuanced defense to navigate the administrative and legal consequences. Our approach aims to protect your driving privileges and avoid severe penalties.

Drug Offenses

Drug-related charges can vary widely, from possession to trafficking. Our firm's knowledge of drug laws and defense strategies is crucial in forming a robust defense for our clients.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges can stem from a variety of situations. Our firm takes a personalized approach to each case, understanding the specifics to defend our clients vigorously.

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes, ranging from petty theft to grand larceny, are met with a strong defense focusing on the intent and circumstances surrounding the alleged crime, aiming for favorable outcomes for our clients.

Legal Services Offered

At Brennan Defense Attorney, we offer a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to meet the needs of those facing criminal charges.

Legal Representation

From the moment you are charged, our dedicated legal representation focuses on preserving your rights and advocating on your behalf throughout the legal process.

Bail Hearings

We represent clients at bail hearings, arguing for reasonable bail conditions to allow for release during the legal proceedings.

Plea Bargaining

When appropriate, we engage in plea bargaining with the prosecution to potentially reduce the charges or penalties faced by our clients.

Trial Defense

Our trial defense strategies are meticulously planned and executed, focusing on presenting a strong case to the judge or jury.


Should the need arise, we are prepared to file appeals, challenging trial outcomes that are unfavorable, leveraging our deep understanding of the law to seek justice for our clients.

Defense Strategies

Our defense strategies are customized to each case, utilizing a range of techniques to ensure the strongest defense possible.

Evidence Examination

We meticulously review all evidence, seeking discrepancies or violations of rights that could strengthen our client's defense.

Witness Examination

Thorough examination and cross-examination of witnesses are crucial to challenging the prosecution's case and supporting our client's defense.

Alibi Establishment

When applicable, we work to establish a credible alibi that can exonerate our client from the charges faced.

Self-Defense Claims

For cases involving acts of self-defense, we rigorously defend our client's actions as necessary and lawful, aiming for acquittal or reduced charges.

Suppression of Evidence

Our legal expertise allows us to file motions to suppress evidence that was unlawfully obtained or is irrelevant, weakening the prosecution's case.

Criminal Law Procedures

Understanding criminal law procedures is essential for navigating the justice system and protecting your rights.

Arrest Process

The arrest process marks the beginning of formal legal proceedings, and our firm ensures our clients understand their rights from the outset.

Booking and Arraignment

During booking and arraignment, we provide guidance and representation, ensuring our clients make informed decisions about their pleas.

Pre-trial Motions

We actively file pre-trial motions to set the stage for a strong defense, challenging evidence or seeking to protect our client's rights.

Trial Process

Our firm is with you every step of the way through the trial process, from jury selection to presenting evidence and closing arguments.

Sentencing and Post-Conviction Actions

Should sentencing be necessary, we advocate for minimal penalties and explore post-conviction actions, including appeals, to continue fighting for our clients.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a criminal defense attorney from Brennan Defense Attorney in Sacramento provides numerous benefits that can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Legal Expertise

Our legal expertise and knowledge of criminal law ensure that your defense is both robust and strategically sound.

Protection of Rights

We staunchly protect your rights throughout the legal process, ensuring you are treated fairly and justly by the criminal justice system.

Reduced Penalties

Our goal is to reduce penalties, or where possible, achieve case dismissal, minimizing the impact on your life.

Case Dismissal

Through diligent defense strategies, we strive for case dismissal, clearing our clients of charges and allowing them to move forward with their lives.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps most importantly, hiring our firm provides peace of mind, knowing you have dedicated, experienced advocates fighting on your behalf.

If you are facing criminal charges in Sacramento and need expert legal representation, contact Brennan Defense Attorney today for a free consultation. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and work towards securing a favorable outcome in your case.

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