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There could be multiple reasons why a criminal defendant might want to try to represent themselves in their case. It is imperative to note that there could be a range of unknowns when you are charged in a criminal case. This is why it is better to look for the right felony defense attorney in Dallas to help you navigate the process.

When you find yourself charged with some sort of crime, the first question you may have is whether or not you must start looking for a Dallas felony lawyer. You will usually find that your options include some of the following: 

  • Representing yourself in the case
  • Seeing if you will qualify for a public defender
  • Hiring your own criminal lawyer in Dallas, TX

Are There Risks In A Criminal Case?

When you are presented with felony charges, you will see that this violation brings the potential for: 

  • Substantial fines
  • Loss of some rights, which may include driver’s licensing or owning a firearm
  • Incarceration, or all of these. 

Should you be convicted of the crime, this then becomes a public record that is available for people to view. You may find that your landlord will have access to this information, as well as your employer and various background check companies.

What Is Bad About Representing Myself?

It is always better to find an attorney for felony charges in Dallas, TX. Even though there are times when you may handle situations on your own, you need to look at this as a special circumstance. Self-representation should never be a consideration due to all of the unknown factors and potential for mistakes being made. When you forgo Dallas criminal lawyers to help, you could see that your proceedings can be challenging to rectify as well as extremely costly for you overall. 

When trying to represent yourself in a criminal case, you may run into issues with the prosecution, such as: 

  • No incentives for them to reduce your charges
  • Not being taken seriously as you try to negotiate or look for a plea bargain
  • Not being heard when you try to come up with legal arguments because you are not a felony defense attorney in Dallas 

Any criminal proceeding can be extremely complex when you take a look at all of the rules of the court. You need to be able to follow procedures, especially when it comes to presenting your case and bringing forth any evidence. Failure to do so could get you into further trouble. Many people will fail to understand best practices for questioning witnesses, will not have all of the correct motions filed, and do not know how to interact with court personnel.

Whenever you are faced with a criminal case, you need the best Dallas criminal defense attorney by your side. This will help to bring you peace of mind but also a chance at a much better outcome. While you may think you can save yourself money by going it alone, there is something to be said about having a competent, reputable felony defense attorney in Dallas in your corner. If you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the DFW area, contact Attorney Bret W. Schmidt for a free, no-obligation consultation at (214) 526-1100.

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