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Costa Rica Real Estate

Do you have questions about owning Costa Rica real estate? If so, we invite you to contact us in San Jose or Nosara at +506 8913-7441 to speak with an experienced real estate lawyer from Bizlo Real Estate Business Law. Costa Rica real estate law is one of our specialty areas of practice, meaning that we have the training, the knowledge, and the reputation for assisting clients in real estate transactions.

Bizlo Real Estate Business Law represents both buyers and sellers, both locals and foreigners, although most of our clients are of international origin. We would like to explain a few things that we think you need to know before you hire a real estate lawyer in Costa Rica and before you purchase a property. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at the phone number above, and please be mindful of any potential time zone differences when you call us. If we miss your call, we will call you back within a business day.

Can a US Citizen Buy Property in Costa Rica?

You might be shocked and very pleased to learn that foreigners are eligible to buy and legally own property in Costa Rica. All you will need is a tourist visa to own property in Costa Rica, which is virtually unheard of in other places around the world, including Central America and South America.  

If you are planning on buying and owning home that isn’t an investment property, then we highly recommend that you obtain a residency visa. If not, you can still legally own your property, but you will have to leave Costa Rica for 72 hours once every three months to renew your tourist visa and keep your legal status. Don’t worry. Bizlo Real Estate Business Law can help you get your residency visa too.

Is Buying Property in Costa Rica a Good Investment?

You can find some of the best investment property for sale in Costa Rica. Costa Rica real estate is highly sought after, and whether you want a property that you can turn into a rental or a vacation home, you’ll do very well in Costa Rica, where the demand for prime real estate never dies down.  

If you are looking for homes for sale in Costa Rica, the attorneys at Bizlo Real Estate Business Law can help you. We can help you identify the best properties within your budget and help you to achieve your goals.

How Much Money Do I Need to Move to Costa Rica?

You don’t need very much money to live in Costa Rica. In fact, many ex-pats in Costa Rica live here on their pension salaries. Others live here on Social Security benefits. If you could come up with between $2,500 – $3,000 per month, you would live like a king or queen in Costa Rica. If you want to own real estate in Costa Rica, the dream is probably a lot closer than you realize, and Bizlo Real Estate Law can help to make that dream come true.


Costa Rica Real Estate

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