Writing A Will In Bc

Writing A Will In Bc

If you pass away in Canada without a proper will, something called the Indian Act may determine how and when and to whom your assets will be distributed. If you die in BC without a will, your wishes will not be considered at all. That's a good reason to contact Lisa Denham Law Office about writing a will in BC.

Don't leave your estate to chance

Writing a will in BC is a matter best left to a legal specialist. This will ensure that an executor who understands their duties is in place and fairly compensated. Of course, all matters of the estate can be managed by our law office. Don't leave the writing of your will to chance. Our legal office has the experience and skill to draft, modify and update your will.

Sitting a mere eight minutes from North Kamloops, Denham Law Office can help to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your demise. We can help to ensure that your loved ones are provided for and that your children and pets are cared for in the manner in which you desire. The future ownership of your money, real estate, vehicles, books, artwork and musical instruments are just some of the things that can be protected by a proper last will and testament.

Writing a will in BC can cover the following:

  • A will ensures your children and grandchildren will be provided for
  • A will dictates who gets your house, land, and property
  • A will clearly states who will receive your possessions
  • A will offers instruction regarding the care of your children and dependents
  • A will can leave instructions for your end of life ceremonies
  • A will names the person or persons who are to manage your estate

Writing a will in BC is a way to plan for the future, even though you won't be there. People don't generally like to talk about death, but it's an inevitable issue that mustn't be ignored. The way your estate is distributed depends on your will.

You might think that wills are only for the wealthy. That's not true at all. Planning your estate and how it should be managed is very important, especially if you have dependents. A professional estate attorney such as Lisa Denham can write a will that may give you great peace of mind.

Your eventual demise is sure to happen. We hope that happens later rather than sooner. At the same time, we urge you to take action today to ensure the completion of your final wishes. You can make this time easier for your loved ones if you speak to a qualified lawyer about writing your will in BC today.

When you are ready to know more about writing a will in BC, please get in touch with Lisa Denham Law Office. We can tell you everything you need to understand how and why to write end of life documents right now. Please call 250-828-2846 at your earliest convenience.

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