Sacramento Criminal Attorney

Sacramento Criminal Attorney

Many factors determine who the best Sacramento criminal attorney is for an individual. It wouldn’t be wise to hire a criminal attorney that doesn’t practice in the area of law you require assistance in. In terms of legal battles, what matters the most is how you fight for your legal rights. Hiring a criminal lawyer to represent you in criminal court proceedings can provide you with tons of benefits, but you have to choose the right lawyer.

Top Rated Areas of Practice Related to Criminal Law

At Brennan Defense, you can expect top-rated legal advice in multiple areas of criminal law. Our firm is highly experienced in dealing with various types of criminal cases, but we are well-seasoned in the following areas of practice:

  1. Domestic Violence Defense – You do not have to be married to someone to face domestic violence charges legally. Domestic violence cases involve physical abuse, stalking, or verbal abuse, but many other scenarios fall into the category. With twenty-five years of stellar service, our team at Brennan Defense can help you stand against sexual assault charges, harassment charges, or intimidation charges.
  2. Burglary and Robbery – Anyone facing burglary or robbery charges will require top legal aid to avoid criminal punishment. Believe it or not, there are significant differences in burglary and robbery in the eyes of the law. Robbery is considered to be when a victim is forcibly stripped of their property against their own will by a suspect. Burglary requires the suspect to deny their victims the ability to enjoy items or property of value. Both burglary and robbery charges come in first and second-degree offenses.
  3. Assault Defense – Suspects facing assault charges still have legal rights that are to be respected. Our law firm can help present a sound legal argument on your behalf. In the past, our staff has worked with aggravated assault charges, battery charges, and other crimes related to violence. Assault and battery, much like burglary and robbery, are defined as very different in the legal system. For example, assault charges can be placed on an individual for a verbal altercation. Battery charges require a person to use physical violence on another person.
  4. Felonies and Misdemeanors – Some illegal activities or actions fall into both categories of a felony and misdemeanor crimes. Sexual crimes, drug charges, and weapons charges fall into both groups, but the severity of the crime determines the tier of charges.
  5. Criminal Defense – Basic criminal defense service from Brennan Defense can prevent suspects from facing severe criminal punishments. Drug charges and sexual offense charges are areas we can help with at our law firm. DUI charges, white-collar crime, and juvenile crimes are all legal issues our firm can address.

Avoiding Incarceration for Pending Criminal Charges

Anyone facing criminal charges should seek the services of our defense team at Brennan Defense. You can receive a free initial consultation by calling 916-498-1776 or by clicking here for our online contact form. Our staff is standing by to answer questions and supply guidance.

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