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Lawyers for Sexual Assault Victims Near Me

Lawyers for sexual assault victims

It is common knowledge that sexual abuse is a criminal offense that could attract severe punishment. However, not everyone knows that victims of sexual assault can file a civil claim against the perpetrator and liable third parties. At Horowitz Law, we have experienced lawyers for sexual assault victims that can help you file a lawsuit and ensure all the liable parties pay for their misdeeds. Whether it’s a recent case or the assault occurred a long time ago, our lawyers are always on hand to offer the best legal advice and representation.

What are the available legal options for a sexual assault victim?

Sometimes victims of sexual assault simply want to get medical care and ‘forget’ the incident. As long as the victim is an adult, they are entitled to decide between pursuing legal action or not. Although not advisable, a victim may choose not to report to the police.

Victims that decide not to pursue legal action immediately can still change their minds even after many years. However, a victim that wishes to have a forensic examination that would aid police investigations needs to report the crime as soon as possible after the incident.

For victims that decide to pursue take legal action, the police would be in charge of the criminal case. Beyond the criminal charges, you can also file a civil lawsuit against the victim and liable institutions. Such institutions tend to support the perpetrator in a bid to save face. That is why you’ll need competent lawyers for sexual assault victims to help handle your case.

What can victims of sex abuse coverups do?

Revelations about large-scale sexual abuse cover-ups have been rife in recent times. Religious organizations have been particularly guilty of such wanton negligence. According to Bishop Accountability, the Catholic Church alone has paid more $3 billion as compensation to victims of sex abuse by their clergy.

If you have been sexually abused by an official of any organization, confronting the abuser or the organization is never a good approach. There is a high chance they would want to cover it up. First, report the crime to the police and then get in touch with a firm that has expert lawyers for sexual assault victims. Horowitz Law is one such firm.

What do I gain from a lawsuit?

There is no arguing that the pain you have suffered can never be undone. However, holding the perpetrator and negligent institution accountable could help you on your journey towards finding closure. The damages recovered could also help you get the best of medical care while compensating for other losses.

Asides from personal benefits, filing a lawsuit against your abuser could give many others the courage to speak up. This would go a long way in protecting other vulnerable people that might otherwise still suffer abuse at the hands of the same perpetrator. It could also trigger positive changes in institutional attitudes and policies.

If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual abuse, get in touch with our experienced lawyers for sexual assault victims today. You’ll be taking a bold step towards holding the perpetrator accountable and exposing wrongdoers.



Lawyers for Sexual Assault Victims Near Me

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