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A Las Vegas Criminal lawyer should not be the first item on your Sin City checklist, but accidents happen. Nearly one-third of Americans have a criminal record. The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata works hard to help clients retain their rights during and after their legal proceedings.

How can a criminal conviction affect me?

Criminal convictions have a detrimental impact on the average citizen. Twenty-one states bar felons from voting. Most employers perform background checks as well. Companies view people with employees as untrustworthy.

Whether or not your conviction reflects on who you are, your record is the most important introduction you have for some of the most important parts of your life. It does not matter if you are a politician or applying for employment as a truck driver.

Is it possible to drop my conviction?

Convictions can be expunged or sealed. Felonies are almost never dropped. Still, expungement is proven in multiple states to raise salaries and even correlates to reduced recidivism. Income for those convicted of sealable criminal charges rose by 6 percent in Michigan but only 6.5 percent of people applied.

States maintain strict laws on which convictions are expungable or sealable. Nevada allows all misdemeanors to be cleared from a criminal record after two years. It is possible to seal some felonies as well which results in the state treating a conviction as if it never occurred.

Does my criminal record follow me?

While there are legal solutions to any issues you might have with a criminal conviction, the prevalence of the internet means that most convictions remain with us without painstaking care. The background check industry reached nearly three-billion-dollars by 2015 and is expected to grow.

Companies such as Trans Union and Apris work explicitly in this space, keeping records until requests for expungement are granted. Even your traffic tickets are not safe from these determined organizations. The best way to defend yourself against a conviction is through a lawyer.

What is the most common outcome in a criminal case?

Over 90 percent of criminal cases plea to lesser charges. It is not always possible to dismiss a case. Plea deals can reduce felonies to misdemeanors.

When cases do go to trial, the odds are against the defendant. Even in a nation where innocent until proven guilty is the standard, only 11 percent of cases result in dismissal. The odds are worse for those without appropriate representation.

Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer

Garrett T. Ogata has decades of experience in the Nevada courts. Fifteen of these years were spent at his law offices in Las Vegas. He handles drug charges, traffic cases, felonies, and misdemeanors with a track record to back up his thousands of clients.

We represented 4232 clients through our years in operation, helping reduce charges for those charged with everything from DUI to larceny and battery. You deserve representation. The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata can help with recognition from multiple organizations. Schedule an intake appointment with us today.

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