Bronx bankruptcy attorney

Bronx bankruptcy attorney

The number of people who file for bankruptcy in 2021 may set off the records since the last spur in 2005. 2020 has minimal filing counts because people did not borrow as much, and they could use an unemployment insurance cover to get through adverse economic seasons. However, the number may drastically increase with rising counts of unemployment and loss of income in 2021.

Many people may opt to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a Bronx Bankruptcy attorney. The majority of these candidates do not feel the need for a bankruptcy lawyer in the Bronx because they have simple cases. We explore some of the common problems affecting pro se bankruptcy cases.

Problems of representing yourself in court

Missing key preparation steps

Bankruptcy cases have a lot of dependence on the filling of forms. The court requires lengthy federal packets and local documents to begin processing your claim. Missing any of the papers will automatically lead to the case’s dismissal. People who file for bankruptcy do not know the extent of documents that make up a successful case. They do not understand the massive capabilities of bankruptcy and how it affects one's financial health.

Wrong chapter

The two logical choices of filing for bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Each one has benefits to solve a particular situation. Filing for the wrong one exposes you to adverse results like property loss, assets, or income. In most cases, the filer must have a foundation of several financial courses to understand the difference between each chapter.

Unexpected complications

Let’s say you get through with collecting the right papers and filing for the right chapter. You are in better luck with a positive outcome, but not without some additional diligence. Sudden complicated cases such as differences in the motion will affect the case’s result. Do not choose the pro se route if you do not know the importance of motions. The inadequate defense of action could lead to a denial of discharges. Some bankruptcy cases are more fragile because they attract complaints during the motion.

Loss of money and time

Who cares whether you choose the wrong chapter? The obvious answer is yourself. The unobvious answer is the federal system, creditors, and the trustee. The courts will hold you responsible for failing to understand the like a Bronx bankruptcy law firm and will issue consequences such as:

  • Property loss
  • Increasing debts
  • Additional court hearings and court meetings

Missing debt relief options

Do you understand all available debt relief options for your case? Often, a bankruptcy attorney in the Bronx helps clients evade bankruptcy by finding alternative ways for them to control the debt. Consumers who file for Chapter 7 or Chapter have better chances of quick and beneficial relief using an attorney’s service.

Best way to get help with bankruptcy cases

Do not get a self-help book to highlight situations that will favor your case. It is more comfortable and affordable to hire a Bronx bankruptcy law firm that can decide the process in picture detail. The Law Office of William will help you discover issues that may affect your case and ultimately put off the inevitable until you are debt-free and ready to rebuild a new life. Reach our office on 914-559-9500 for a free consultation on the right bankruptcy process. 

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