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Auto Injury Law Firm in Memphis

You most likely understand the pain and trauma that comes from being involved in a car crash. There are thousands of car accidents in one year that result in unfortunate injuries and financial burdens to families. Some cases are more severe and require the legal intervention of a highly competent auto injury law firm in Memphis. Here are conditions under which one should never hesitate to seek the advice of an attorney:

When should you consult Porter Law firm for auto accident concerns?

  • When the liability status is not evident among all involves parties.
  • You do not understand the process of evaluating the claim.
  • The insurer requires medical records of your status before the accident.
  • The adjuster offers you a questionable settlement in regards to the amount and schedule of payment.
  • Denial of a claim.
  • A lack of residual disability.
  • The injured party falls under the category of a minor.
  • The involved party serves you with a lawsuit.

The benefits of hiring our auto injury law firm in Memphis

Knowledge of the process

An attorney has the right school knowledge and legal practice of the entire process. You will be at an unfair balance if you go to war with an opposing party, which has substantial experience without professional services.

The process of laying an auto injury claim includes proper filing of forms with a background understanding of the relevant legal freedom and limitations. Nothing comes close to the feeling of hopelessness that follows a failed claim due to an auto injury. Hire the highly revered Porter law firm to increase your odds against a tough fight with the involved candidate.


Our law firm has a heavy bias towards the client. We do not place a lot of value on monetary benefits that do not give our clients emotional and mental relief. Consequentially, our law firm has free consultation services for auto injury clients. We also work under a contingency standard that limits us from siphoning money from clients without giving them tangible results from an agreement on an auto injury claim.

Possible trial

A significant percentage of injury cases do not advance to the trial stage. There is, however, a likelihood of complicated cases requiring progress to trial. Such complicated cases will require the intervention of a skilled attorney. We can foresee a situation that will make it to the courts and prepare procedures that will keep us ahead of the game.

Reduced stress

One of the many facets of handling an auto injury claim will consider working out the property damage, emotional stress, mental strain, financial loss, and possible job loss. Hiring an auto injury attorney will reduce your stress in regards to ensuring that you do not cave under the same factors you are fighting in court.

Another benefit of hiring our attorneys is the added advantage of having a friendly and understanding ear. Your family will give you great support, but our team offers clear-cut insight into the possible new beginning of a new life after a life-changing experience.

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